Dear friends, it’s time to improve my Basketball Directory, so feel free to suggest any website, blog, radio, newspaper, magazine or TV station that can be useful for basketball lovers, expecially european basketball.

I look for websites in english, german or italian. For any suggestion and/or tips, please feel free to write an email at Thank you.


2 thoughts on “The Cigarafterten Basketball Directory”
  1. You already know the majority of sites I am reading in passing. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of English-speaking sites focusing on Euroleague and European basketball.
    Euroleague jam[1] when updated, is a good site to discuss current Euroleague matters. Courtside diaries [2] is also a rather frequently updated portal that delves into the sport of basketball rather frequently; Euroleague, Eurocup, domestic leagues, historical aspects, and analyses are what this fan based portal discusses.
    I do not like Eurohoops mainly because I know the background of its foundation- a lot of money from circles close to OSFP BC in order to create a portal that can influence Euroleague matters. How do you think he managed to have such a close relation with Euroleague in the first place? Varlas is such a hardcore fan of OSFP and watching him trying to play it cool, just makes it worse; a tiger cannot change his stripes and in that sense, I do not even want to give this site clicks.

  2. In addition, I just saw that hoopfellas [3] started also to publish in English. This portal is one of the biggest greek-speaking basketball portals (run by a professional basketball scouter, who also speaks Italian).
    Have fun,

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