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We are out: Venezia – Sassari 88-89

What a match at Mandela Forum in Florence! In the 3rd quarter Venezia was almost sure to have a ticket for the Coppa Italia, semifinals, but in the 4th quarter Sassari played a superb basketball winning the match by 1.

COPPA ITALIA – quarter finals
(29-20; 57-41; 75-66; 88-89)

The strange shirt you see on Dinamo Sassari player is a special shirt designed to celebrate Sardinia. Marketing works also in Italya sometimes. Anyway Reyer did not lose the match because of Sassari shirt, but because in the middle of the 3rd quarter on the 72-52, Reyer player thought the games was over, but, you know, in basketball it’s not over, until it’s over!

Reyer Venezia: Haynes 11, Stone 5, Bramos 14, Tonut 20, Daye 9, De Nicolao 3, Washington 4, Mazzola 6, Biligha , Giuri , Cerella, Watt 16. Coach: Walter De Raffaele

Dinamo Sassari: Spissu 3, Smith 15, McGee 2, Carter 4, Devecchi, Magro, Pierre 24, Gentile 2, Thomas 14, Polonara 15, Diop, Cooley 13. Coach: Gianmarco Pozzecco

Header Photo Credit: @  Bombs Away – Sneak Out