TBSL: Gaziantep vs Galatasaray betting tips

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The Turkish Basketball Super League  standings suggest us to care about this league. In Turkey we find a lot of strong teams, supported by great fans. I talk about the 4 Euroleague teams Fenerbahce, Galatasaray, Darussafaka and Efes, but I also talk about other interesting teams as Banvit, Besiktas, Pinar and Tofas. So, no game is easy to win in TBSL. this is the reason why I suggest to follow this league. By the way, these are the most interesting matches of the weekend. 

Saturday, October 30
11:00 Fenerbahce – Pinar
17:00 Trabzonspor – Darussafaka
17:00 Efes – Usak

Monday, October 31
16:00 Gaziantep – Galatasaray

The match I focus on is Gaziantep vs Galatasaray, a match with interesting odds.

🏀 Gaziantep (0-3) vs Galatasaray (2-1)
Home team play in FIBA Europe Cup, the 4th european cup, while Galatasaray, as you know, is one of the best 16 teams in Europe as the red and yellow boys are an Euroleague team. In Gaziantep team the man to watch is Marcus Denmon, a guard drafted by San Antonio in 2012. Galatasaray lived a terrible week in Euroleague, with two defeates with Maccabi and Fenerbache. Bookmakes see away team as clear favorite here. Do you agree? I do. Galatasaray @ 1.43 stake 3/10.

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Euroleague Power Rankings 6 – Saturday, October 29, 2016

Boys and girls, good morning,

My friend Patekala asked me if Rami Hadar was the right man for Maccabi. Hadar answered himself with  2 wins in 2 games in his first week on Maccabi bench. So, good news for the yellow & blue fans, Tel Aviv is still an European capital in basketball.

Now let’s go to see the Cigarafterten Power Rankings after Round 4.

01. #⃣ CSKA MOSCOW (4-0) the question is: who can defeat CSKA this season? The answer could arrive at the Friendship and Peace Arena at Pireaus next Thursday.

02. #⃣  REAL MADRID (3-1) with Anthony Randolph securing 20 points and 14 rebouds, as he did in Milano, Real Madrid fans can start to dream. The target is the Final Four in Istanbul.

03. #⃣ MACCABI TEL AVIV (2-2) after a 0-2 start, the season changed with Rami Hadar sitting on bench. Now the yellow and blue team has a nice 2-2 record n the Euroleague Standings. Next step is the Tel Aviv derby against Hapoel. By the way, do you know how I can watch this match as I live in Italy? Thanks for you help.

04. #⃣ FENERBAHCE (3-1) Cska, Real Maccabi and Fenerbahce are, in my humble opinion the 4 aces on this Euroleague 2016/2017. You know my antepost bet: Maccabi Tel Aviv @ 26 stake 4/10. Anyway Fenerbache is one of the most dangerous team for anyone who want to win the title.

05. #⃣ DARUSSAFAKA (2-2) please don’t care about the game lost with Efes. It was a derby and derbies always have some incredible results, especially in Turkey.

06. #⃣ CRVENA ZVEZDA (2-2) with the point guard Nate Wolters in the roster, the Serbian team can fight till the end for a playoff spot.

07. #⃣ BARCELONA (2-2) in this moment Barcelona is not in the top 4 teams.

08. ↗️ BASKONIA (2-2) Baskonia, yes, Baskonia, why not? The basketball they played in this 4 Euroleague games suggested me to put this team in the top 8.


09. ↘️ UNICS KAZAN (0-4) for the first time in this season, I have to put Kazan outside of the top 8 in my Euroleague Power Rankings. It’s a pity, but with a 0-4 start I could not doing something different.

10. #⃣ MILANO (2-2) the problem of Milano is Milano itself. As I tried to explain many times, they think to be the best team in the world, the best town in the world, the best men in the world. In their mind, Milano is at the center of the world. The solution? 🚑

11. #⃣ OLYMPIACOS (3-1) Olympiacos is back and the clash with CSKA on Thursday is the match of the month for Olympiacos fans.

12. #⃣ PANATHINAIKOS (3-1)  another win, another step to get closer to the post season. On Monday Pana hosts Kymis in Greek League. No problems for the Greens.

13. #⃣ GALATASARAY (0-4) what’s wrong with Galatasaray? I don’t know.

14. #⃣  BROSE (1-3) listening to Barcelona – Brose on Radio Bamberg I felt I have to improve my German. Anyway also Andrea Trinchieri has to improve something in his team.

15. ↗️  EFES ISTANBUL (1-3) is Efes the worst Turkish team in Euroleague? I thought so, but now I am not so sure. What about your opinion?

16. ↘️ ZALGIRIS KAUNAS: good luck for the match with Nevezis on Sunday. 

Barcelona – Brose on Radio Bamberg

Euroleague round 4 ends tonight with Barcelona – Brose Baskets, an important match for both teams as they target to improve a poor start. Barcelona and Brose have the same record: 1-2. Not so good.

Friday, October 28
19:00 Galatasaray – Fenerbahce

19:00 Zalgiris – Maccabi
20:15 Panathinaikos – C. Zvezda 
21:00 Barcelona – Brose

In euroleague.net you find all the TV that broadcast live this match, but we give you another interesting tip. Barcelona – Brose is broadcasted live on radio streaming by Radio Bamberg, in german. 

🏀 Barcelona (1-2) vs Brose (1-2)
As you know, I did not write any betting tip for Euroleague round 4 and I haven’t placed any bet. So enjoy your friday night with Radio Bamberg and, by the way, what about betting on this match? The answer is: Avoid.


Euroleague Power Rankings 5 – Thursday, October 27, 2016

Boys and girls, good morning,

Euroleague Round 3 told us that the Greeks are rising up! Olympiacos destroyed Milano 91-81 and Panathinaikos came back from Bamberg with an important 83-84 win. Both teams are now in good position with a 2-1 record and two interesting appointments. The Pireuas team travel to Vitoria, while Pana hosts Crvena Zvezda.

Anyway, let’s go to see the Cigarafterten Power Rankings after Round 3.

01. #⃣ CSKA MOSCOW: propably the russina team will secure 1st or 2nd place in the regular season standings. It’s hard to find some strong rivals for this team. Waiting for CSKA 1st loss, I suggest to look at their american guard Cory Higgings, one of the best player in Euroleague 2016/2017, in my humble opinion.

02. #⃣  REAL MADRID: you win with Estudiantes in Liga ACB and then you lose with Baskonia in Euroleague?  Uhm … Real Madrid has to look at Spain in order to find the origin of its problems. Barcelona and Baskonia are two dangerous rivals in the rush for the glory (in Liga ACB and in Euroleague).

03. #⃣ MACCABI TEL AVIVnew coach, new life, as we wrote when Erez Eldenstein was replaced by Rami Hadar. The new coach started with a win, so Maccabi fans, it’s time to be optimistic, isn’t it?

04. #⃣ FENERBAHCE: this is the beloved team of any gambler! TBSL or Euroleague, it does not matter, when you want to place a bet, you know that Fenerbahce can win and that bookmakers still offer good odds on this Turkish team.

05. #⃣ DARUSSAFAKA: when last summer I suggested that David Blatt boys where one of the strongest team in Euroleague, most you thought I was out of order. Now, all of you think I was right.

06. ↗️ CRVENA ZVEZDA: the 2-1 record is a wonderful start for the Serbian team. The post season is their target. They can get it! 

07. ↘️ BARCELONA: what’s the problem with Justin Doellman and friends? Well, I don’t know, but what we know is that if Barca does not defeat Brose on friday night, this problem will become big, very big.

08. #⃣ UNICS KAZAN: the problem is revealed in this article: Unics loses Clarke for at least 6 weeks.


09. ↗️ BASKONIA: unbelievable! Baskonia lose the injured Andrea Bargnani, but goes to win in Madrid. Unbelievable, indeed.

10. ↘️ MILANO: ok, now you know: Euroleague is not Italian Serie A.

11. #⃣ OLYMPIACOS: the Pireaus great moment goes on!

12. ↗️ PANATHINAIKOS:  as for Maccabi, new coach and new life for Panathinaikos. A not so bad loss in Moscow followed by a great win in Bamberg. Now Xavi Pascual faces the most important exam of the week: Pana – Crvena Zvezda.

13. ↘️ GALATASARAY: is the transfer market still open? I hope so for Gala supporters! 

14. #⃣  BROSE: unlucky start for Brose in Euroleague, anyway, the 1-2 record can be improved in few weeks.

15. #⃣  ZALGIRIS KAUNAS: this team has some interesting players, we will focus on them in the following weeks.

16. #⃣ EFES ISTANBUL: something as to change. As soon as possible..

Ready for #MTAGSO


As you know, this season you can follow live on twitter the comments of any Euroleague match. The hastag to follow for tonight match Maccabi Tel Aviv – Galatasaray is #MTAGSO. The service is managed by Euroleague.

On Monday I published my Euroleague Round 3 betting tips, so you already know my opinion on this match. Anyway, if you losed my point of view, I re-publish it again.

🏀 Maccabi Tel Aviv (0-2) vs Galatasaray (0-2)
You can understand this is a now or never match for my beloved Maccabi.Maccabi @ 1.31 stake 3/10 


Enjoy the Euroleague Wednesday night!


Maccabi: new coach, new life!

As The Times of Israel reports, Euroleague club Maccabi Tel Aviv sacked head coach Erez Edelstein to replace him with his former assistant coach Rami Hadar.

You know the reason: the bad start in Euroleague. The yellow and blue team has a good 3-0 record in the Israeli League, but the 0-2 start in the top European competition is the key to understand the move.

Do I agree with this move? Well, I think something had to change. Now something has changed. 

Euroleague round 3 betting tips


Tuesday, October 25
18:00 Kazan – Darussafaka

20:00 Efes – CSKA Moscow
20:00 Olympiacos – Milano
21:00 Real Madrid – Baskonia

🏀 Unics Kazan (0-2) vs Darussafaka (1-1)
The russian team will try to leave the last position in the Euroleague Standings. The question is: can Unics get the first win on tuesday night? I am not so sure as I see that last week, in Bamberg, Unics coach Evgeny Pashutin made a big mistake using only 9 players, whit the other 3 sitting on bench till the end. i prefer teams with more players involved in the playground in every match. Avoid

🏀 Efes (0-2) vs CSKA Moscow (2-0)
Surely CSKA will lose some matches in the next week, but not against Efes, in my humble opinion. CSKA @ 1.28 stake 3/10.

🏀 Olympiacos (1-1) vs Armani Milano (2-0)
While Olympiacos concentrates on Greek League, Milano is doing great things in Euroleague. The match at the Peace and Friendship Arena seems to be a duel between the Greek and the Italian basketball and this time, sorry Greek friends, I choose Italy. Why? Simply because Olimpia Milano has been built to play in Euroleague, with a good 15 men roster. Milano (+8.5)  @ 1.83 stake 3/10

🏀 Real Madrid (2-0) vs Baskonia (1-1)
It’s a spanish derby. What can I say? Home team is in agood moment as they won their Liga ACB match against Estudiantes on Sunday, so I prefer Real, but I don’t have to place a bet on any Euroleague match, so I don’t. Avoid


Wednesday, October 26
19:00 Crvena Zvezda – Barcelona

19:45 Fenerbahce – Zalgiris
20:00 Brose – Panathinaikos
20:05 Maccabi – Galatasaray

🏀 Crvena Zvezda (1-1) vs Barcelona (1-1)
Last week the Blaugrana lost at home with Fenerbahce, they will be fast and furious in Belgrade on Wednesday night. This is a match to watch in TV, not a match to bet on. Avoid.

🏀 Fenerbahce (2-0) vs Zalgiris Kaunas (1-1)
The Lithuanian team lived a wonderful week with 2 keys home wins: against Baskonia in Euroleague and against Neptunas in LKL. Ok boys, good job, but now the party is over. Fenerbahce @ 1.14 stake 4/10

🏀 Brose Baskets (1-1) vs Panathinaikos (1-1)
I would be tempted to say Brose, as I start to appreciate very much Andrea Trichier’s team, but I suggest to look back at Pana match in Moscow last week. Read the euroleague.net report on CSKA – Pana and you will see that Demetris Nichols and friends are still alive. Avoid

🏀 Maccabi Tel Aviv (0-2) vs Galatasaray (0-2)
You can understand this is a now or never match for my beloved Maccabi. Maccabi @ 1.31 stake 3/10 


Euroleague Power Rankings 4 – Saturday, October 22, 2016

Boys and girls good morning,

Euroleague Round 2 finished with Fenerbahce winning in Barcelona, confirming what I wrote last Monday: Fenerbahce is stronger than Barcelona, or, at least, the Turlisk team had a better position in my Power Rankings.

By the way, you can easily check all the Euroleague Power Ramkings I wrote this season, in order:

1. Euroleague Power Rankings n°1 on July 17
2. Euroleague Power Rankings n° 2 on August 21
3. Euroleague Power Rankings n° 3 on October 17

Now let’s go on with Euroleague Power Rankings n° 4 !!

01. #⃣ CSKA MOSCOW: 81-77 was the final result in the win against Panathinaikos. Not a great win for Nando De Colo and friends, anyway it’s enought for confirming the Russian team at the top of Cigarafterten Euroleague Power Rankings.

02. ↗️  REAL MADRID: the battle of Tel Aviv saw a wonderful Real, a team that now has to face Estudiantes in Liga ACB. Not an easy job for the Pablo Laso’s band.

03. ↘️ MACCABI TEL AVIV: my beloved Maccabi continues to fall down in this ranking and in the Euroleague table. The question is why does Maccabo continue to lose? The answer is: because of the defence.

04. #⃣ FENERBAHCE: this season the Final Four will be in Istanbul. Bobby Dixon (15 points against Barcelona) want to be there wwith his teammates.

05. #⃣ DARUSSAFAKA: even if  the Greens lost with Milano, they are still one of the best Euroleague team in my mind. Darussafaka coach is David Blatt. Keep calm and let Blatt works, wonderful results are coming.

06. #⃣ BARCELONA: unlucky night for Barcelona with Fenerbahce. I suggest the team to give some chances to the Brasilian player Wesley Sena. He can be usefulf also in  Euroleague.

07. ↗️ CRVENA ZVEZDA: what a win in Istanbul! I anly can say I trusted in the Serbian team so much to place a good bet on Crvena Zvezda. You already know my tips: never underestimate the Jugobasket and, in Euroleague 2016/2017, never underestimate Crvena Zvezda. Never!

08. ↘️ UNICS KAZAN: Strong in VTB United League and weak in Euroleague. In Kazan something has to change as soon as possible.


09. ↗️ MILANO: even if I am Italian, I don’t follow Italian media point of view. I think Milano is a good team, the 2-0 record in Euroleague confirm it is a good team, anyway I think the Red Shoes will have to fight till the end to enter into the top 8 teams that will play the post season. 

10. ↘️ BASKONIA: I already wrote about the problem of this team. The coach Sito Alonso seems does not trust too much in some of his player. In Kaunas Trevor Cooney played 0 minutes and 0 seconds, the same for Tadas Sedekerkis and, by the way, only 3:34 for Ilimane Diop.

11. #⃣ OLYMPIACOS: what a wonderful week for the Red and White fans. The Pireaus’ team defeated Panathinaikos in the Greek League derby and then destroyed Efes in Euroleague. Today they feel like they are World Champions, but they are not.

12. #⃣ GALATASARAY:  good luck for the Sunday game with Banvit. The Turkish League is the battlefield of Galatasaray.

13. #⃣ PANATHINAIKOS: the future starts this weekend. I suggest Panathinaikos fans to be optimistic, but to forget Euroleague dreams for this season. 

14. #⃣  BROSE: it seems Niccolò Melli is the key player in Bamberg. In the following weeks Brose is set to improve its position in this Power Rankings.

15. ↗️  ZALGIRIS KAUNAS: Leo Westermann secured the triumph  with Baskonia. He could be the man to watch next week.

16. ↘️ EFES ISTANBUL: good night.

Ready for #GSOCZV

Did you know? This season you can follow live on twitter the comments of any Euroleague match. The hastag to follow for tonight match Galatasary – Crvena Zvezda is #GSOCZV. The service is managed by Euroleague.

On Tuesday I published my Euroleague Round 2 betting tips, so you already know my opinion on this match. Anyway, if you losed my point of view, I re-publish it again.

🏀 Galatasaray – Crvena Zvezda
Both teams risk to be eliminated at the end of the regular season. Galatasaray problem is the team is not so deep, they would need 1 or 2 more players in teh roster, while Crvena Zvezda has to fight more in the rebounding. I see a coin flip match on Thursday night, so I back the underdog. Crvena Zvezda (+6.5) @ 1.90 stake 3/10.


Enjoy the Euroleague Friday night!