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Verona is set to replace Pistoia in LBA Serie A

As you know, Pistoia asked the own-relegation in Serie A2 in season 2020/2021 in order to avoid financial problems in future.

The tuscanian team should be replaced by Verona, as Sportando reports, Scaligera Verona has been invited by Legabasket to play in LBA Serie A. If Verona decides to accept the invitation, the club has to pay € 250.000 as registration to the league plus € 250.000 as bank guarantee.

My opinion is that Pistoia chosed the right way, as LBA Serie A is an expensive league and Italy is in the middle of a terrible financial crisis. What about Verona? I don’t know what Verona will choose, but my opinion is that LBA Serie A is too expensive for a medium or small club.

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