I can’t believe I recorded the 5th loss in a row! Now I am 34-0-30 with my 2012 bets and I seriously risk to be fall under 50% of winning bets. No hope to get a good result this year, as I am losing around 77 units. Anyway, let’s look to the future and let’s bet again.

Regular season

Thursday, December 6, 2012 โ€“ 10:30 PM ET
(ET is the USA east coast time)

US Airways Center, Phoenix, AZ, USA

Sunsย (7-12) are 4th in WC Pacific Division, with 4 lost in a row, but a good 5-3 record at home. As you can read inย NBA.comย the team ended a 1-5 trip with Tuesday’s 108-98 overtime loss to Memphis, a game the Suns led by as many as 16 in the second quarter.ย “We played good for three quarters,” said center Marcin Gortat, who led Phoenix with 18.5 points and 12.3 rebounds per game as it dropped three of four to Dallas last season. “Quite honestly, something just suddenly turned off. Someone turned off the switch, and we just stopped playing. That’s it.”

Mavericksย (8-10) have some problems when they play far away from Dallas as they have a bad 2-7 road record. I know this topic because last night I bet on Dallas, but they have been destroyed by Los Angeles Clippers. I don’t back them anymore in their away games. By the way, as you can read inย CBC Radio Canadaย official website Suns garantee fans good time against Mavericks or money back.

Phoenix (-3.5) @ 1.90
stake 2/100

Phoenix โ€“ Dallas 94ย – 97
โ™ฆ -2.00 units โ™ฆ

6th lost in a row, worst streak ever.

My 2012 bets
Nยฐ Proofed Tips: 65

Results (W-D-L): 34-0-31
Staked: 378.00 units
Won : 298.62 units
Profit: -79.38 unit

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