This morning, while I was drinking my wonderful Italian coffee, I had a great idea: to show you the average odds and the standings in the same post. What is it useful for? Well, I want to study how much standings influence odds. We know home court is important and how much it is, but what about the standings? Let’s try to understand something. By the way, we talk about Euroleague Round 22 games.


17:00 Unics Kazan – Real Madrid
18:30 Efes – Milano
19:00 CSKA Moscow – Crvena Zvezda
20:05 Maccabi Tel Aviv – Baskonia
20:15 Panathinaikos – Bamberg


18:00 Darussafaka – Fenerbahce
20:00 Olympiacos – Zalgiris
21:00 Barcelona – Galatasaray


Kazan, Russia
🏀 Unics Kazan 3.75 – Real Madrid 1.26
Unics has 7-14 record, while Madrid is happy with its 16-5. Home court means nothing here, bookmakers choose the team with the best record.

Istanbul, Turkey
🏀 Efes 1.21 – Olimpia Milano 4.29
With its 10-11 Efes is close to a playoff spot, whil Milano (7-14) is close to nothing. Efes has home advantage too. The odds are perfect.

Moscow, Russia
🏀 Cska Moscow 1.04 – Crvena Zvezda 11.15
Ok, ok, Cska has a better record than Crvena Zvezda: 15-6 vs 12-9 and, I see, home court is a key factor when you play in Russia, but, anyway, these odds are out of order. Bookmakers are set to change them today.

Tel Aviv, Israel
🏀 Maccabi Tel Aviv 2.03 – Baskonia 1.76
Maccabi (7-14) seems to be a broken car, while Baskonia (12-9) dreams to Euroleague, Liga ACB and Copa del Rey this season. I have nothing to complain about these odds.

Athens, Greece, EU
🏀 Panathinaikos 1.26 – Bamberg 3.78
Read the standings: the Greeks are 12-9, while the Germans register a poor 8-13. We have also to add that Pana plays at home and you know Pana fans are hot, very hot! This is the most important match od this round. What about the odds? Interesting odds, we have to take care about this game.

Istanbul. Turkey
🏀 Darussafaka 2.35 – Fenerbahce 1.59
It’s a Turkish derby, forget the numbers.

Athens, Greece, EU
🏀 Olympiacos 1.21 – Zalgiris 4.27
Read Panathinaikos – Bamberg. Here we have the same story.

Barcelona, Spain , EU
🏀 Barcelona 1.16 – Galatasaray 5.05
These are two teams full of problems. The question is: why do bookmakers prefer Barcelona? The answer is: because of home court.


Real Madrid 16-5
CSKA Moscow 15-6
Olympiacos 15-6
Fenerbahce 14-7
Baskonia 12-9
Crvena Zvezda 12-9
Panathinaikos 12-9
Darussafaka 10-11

Efes 10-11
Zalgiris 9-12
Barcelona 8-13
Brose 8-13
Unics Kazan 7-14
Maccabi 7-14
Milano 7-14
Galatasaray 6-15



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