This week we fly to Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain) and in Rimini (Italy) for two important tournaments: Copa del Rey 2017 and Coppa Italia 2017.

Copa del Rey
19:00 Baskonia – Tenerife
21:30 Real Madrid – Andorra
Coppa Italia
18:00 Reggio Emilia – Capo d’Orlando
20:45 Milano – Brindisi

Copa del Rey
19:00 Valencia – Gran Canaria
21:30 Barcelona – Unicaja Malaga
Coppa Italia
18:00 Avellino – Sassari
20:45 Reyer Venezia – Brescia


Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, EU
🏀 Baskonia 1.31 – Tenerife 3.27
Tenerife is a strong team and they are living a wonderful season, anyway I want to remember you that Baskonia is an Euroleague team and we know they can defeat any team in Europe. By the way, this match is in Vitoria-Gasteiz, home town of Baskonia. This is a factor. Baskonia.
Baskonia @ 1.31 stake 3/10

Rimini, Italy, EU
🏀 Milano 
1.16 – Brindisi 4.78
Milano is the strongest team in Italy and Coppa Italia is a very important target for the club. On the other side, Brindisi, coached by Romeo Sacchetti, has some problems in these week. Milans has Krunoslav Simon with back pain, so it’s not sure he will play this match. Anyway the question is: can Brindisi defeat Milano on Thursday? My answer is: no.
Milano @ 1.16 stake 3/10

See you on Thursday morning for fresh news and tips about Copa del Rey and Coppa Italia. Stay tuned.



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