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Milano, Italy (European Union)
Euroleague regular season


🏀 Milano (4-4) vs Fenerbahce (5-3)
Average Odds

Milano @ 2.13 / Fenerbahce @ 1.69
Milano (+1.5) @ 1.89 / Fenerbahce (-1.5) @ 1.83

Please remember that standings never lie and Euroleague Standings after round 8 say Milano 4-4 and Fenerbahce 5-3, it means that the Turkish team is better than the Italian one.

What we have to consider is that Milano plays in Serie A, while Fenerbahce plays in TBSL, an hard league, a league without easy games. Every weekend Milano faces weak rivals, while Fenerbahce has to fight a battle! This point could be a problem for Fenerbahce, but it is not. The problem is for Alessandro Gentile 6 friends, as to play in a strong national league gives you power and confidence, while to play in a weak league gives you nothing.

You know my opinion before I write it, anyway, this is my betting tip.

Fenerbahce @ 1.69 stake 4/10



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