The Youtube channel for LNP lovers

The LNP – Lega Nazionale Pallacanestro – manage two leagues: Serie A2 and Serie B. Obviously LNP leagues are not so famous as LBA Serie A, the top italian league, managed by Legabasket, anyway Serie A2 and Serie B leagues have a lot of fans in Italy..

This season (2019/2020) there is no any team from Tuscany in Serie A2, but we find a lot of tuscanian teams in Serie B and – fortunately – all of them are in the same group: Serie B Girone A, the group with teams form Tuscany, Piemont, Lombardy. and Sicily. It’s a strange group, I know.

The best way to follow Serie A2 and Serie B leagues is to subscribe the LNP Youtube channel. It’s free and it’s full of interesting things.