With Lokomotiv Kuban – Unicaja Malaga: Loko @ 1.10 2/10 I close my month, a nice month.

As you can read in my monthly report, in this March I already secured a good win thanks to a 11-1 record with a roi +67.48%. Just a minute to remind you that in February I got a nice roi +35.04, thanks to a 6-2 record.

Why do I win so much and so often betting on basketball? The answer is very easy to explain. I live in Italy and, as Italian citizen, I can bet only with bookmakers that have a licence by the Italian Government. All these bookmakers are European bookmakers focused only on soccer. Their bookies don’t work every day on basketball or baseball, or other sports, they focus on soccer for 95% of their time. They just look at basketball sometimes.

This is the point! I care about European basketball every day. So, I know basketball games more than them and I am able to find good odds for placing good bets. I am not a wizard, I simply love European basketball and I follow European basketball.

Waiting for April, bet on Lokomotiv and enjoy the Euroleague Top 16 games.