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Anyway, it's Sunday

Last Friday Valencia Basket downs Galatasaray 78-71. My tip was wrong, sorry.

Fri 28/11/2014 Results
RED X Valencia – Galatasaray: 78-71 (-3.00)

Fri 28/11/2014 Balance
Games (W-L): 0-1

Profit: -3.00 units
Year 2014 Balance
N° Proofed Tips: 60
Results (W-L): 36-0-24
Staked: 294.00 units
Return : 252.41 units
Profit: -41.59 units
ROI: -14.14%

A bad result for my bank account. Anyway, I am not sad, it’s Sunday morning and I am set to play golf this morning. See you later

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