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The Italian Odds

We are just 90 minutes to Pistoia – Orlandina Basket the opening game of another wonderful italian sunday. With the help of OddsPortal.com Let’s check the odds for the upcoming Serie A games.

Sun, 22 October
🏀 Serie A round 4

12:00 Pistoia – Avellino
18:15 Milano – Brindisi
20:45 Virtus Bologna – Sassari

Mon, 23 October
🏀 Serie A round 4
20:45  Brescia – Varese

ℹ️ Milano (Italy)
17 Oct 2017 – 18 Feb 2018: “Toulouse Lautrec – The fleeding world” at 
Palazzo Reale Milano

Pistoia, Italy
🏀 Pistoia 1.66 – Avellino 2.20
It’s too late for posting any serious betting tip. I line Pistoia (2-1), but I just want to underline that Avellino (2-1) is one of the favorite teams for the title.

Milano, Italy
🏀 Milano 1.11 – Brindisi 6.43
What should we say about Milano (3-0). Italian newspapers and italian websites eveyday write Olimpia Milano is a strong team, but they don’t explain wht the Red Shoes always lose in EuroLeague. Anyway, Brindisi (0-3) is not an EuroLeague team.

Bologna, Italy
🏀 Virtus Bologna 1.44 – Sassari 2.78
This season Virtus Bologna (2-1) play at Paladozza in the city center, while in the past season the Black V played at Unipol Arena in Casalecchio di Reno. Sassari (2-1) and their supporters will have time to visit to town, perhaps.

Brescia, Italy
🏀 Brescia 1.44 – Varese 2.76
Another Lombardy dery is here. Brescia (3-0) looks for a win in order to stay with Reyer Venezia at the top of the Serie A standings. Varese (1-2) is involved in the relegation battle, anyway it would be a mistake to underrate Varese. Be careful.

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Serie A: Cremona – Pistoia

Don’t look at the Serie A standings, this is an important game for the relegation battle, not for the title. Pistoia has a good 2-0 record, but, with Cremona, Brindisi and Cantù, the tuscanian team has just one target: to avoid the the 16th place in the standings at the end of the regular season.

Cremona – Pistoia 20:45 cet

Cremona @ 1.85 / Pistoia @ 1.90

Cremona has a 0-2 record, while Pistoia has a 2-0 record. Anyway, as you can see by the odds, this is a coin flip match. Cremona coach Romeo Sacchetti is also the new Italian national team coach, he is a very good coach, so everyone thinks he will be able to save Cremona. Pistoia players Gaspardo, Mian and McGee have played for Cremona in the past.

Pick:  Pistoia @ 1.90 stake 2/10

won/loss 1-1
staked: 5.00
return: 5.55
balance: +0.55
roi: +11.00%

Pistoia – Venezia 79-92 game recap

Another playoff win, another wonderful game played by Reyer Venezia. Winning game 4 in Pistoia, Jeff Viggiano and friends secured their semifinals spot.

“We have been surprised to see Tyrus McGee on court” revealed Pistoia coach Vincenzo Esposito – “Anyway we tried to find a solution, but we did not stop Venezia”. The point is that Venezia coach Walter De Raffaele chosed the guard McGee, instead of the center Estaeban Batista, who is set to play semifinals game 1 on friday versus Avellino.

Venezia – Avellino and Milano – Trento are the two semifinals series of Italian Serie A, now named LBA. Also in Italy marketing works everyday to produce useless changes in our life.


PISTOIA: Petteway 21, Antonutti 9, Solazzi, Lombardi 2, Crosariol 14, Magro 10, Jenkins 7, Moore 6, Galli dnp, Boothe 10. Coach: Esposito.

REYER VENEZIA: Haynes 31, Ejim 1, Peric 5, Stone, Bramos 15, Tonut 5, Groppi dnp, Filloy 7, Ress 6, Ortner 9, Viggiano dnp, McGee 13. Coach: De Raffaele.

• Pistoia – Venezia recap by reyer.it (italian)

Pistoia – Venezia Game 4 Thread

Hopefully this is the last battle of the season against Pistoia, Venezia play at PalaCarrara friday night.

Friday, May 19

Serie A playoffs QF game 4
20:30 Pistoia – Venezia



Terran Petteway
Eric Lombardi
Michael Jenkins
Ronald Moore
Nathan Boothe
Coach: Vincenzo Esposito

Haynes MarQuez
Hrvoje Peric
Jeff Viggiano
Stefano Tonut
Jamelle Hagins
Coach: Walter De Raffaele

The key: Venezia lost 24 balls in Game 3, a mistake De Raffaele’s boys will not repeat.

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Pistoia – Reyer Venezia Game 4 Preview

Pistoia host Venezia Friday for Game 4 and need to win order to go to Game 5. This could be the end of this Pistoia Basket, for this season at least.

Friday, May 19

Serie A playoffs QF game 4
20:30 Pistoia – Venezia

— : —

All times are CET – Central Europe Time


pic by legabasket.it

As we read in italian newspaper tuttosport.com Terran Petteway (26 points, 5 rebounds) was the MVP in Game 3, securing for his team the first win in the series. Now we wait for Game 4.

Pistoia, Italy, EU
Venezia lead 2-1

In Game 3 Venezia coach Walter De Raffaele chosed Benjamin Ortner instead of Jamelle Hagins. We would not be surprised to see Hagins on court Friday night.

The point is that this match for Pistoia is a do or die game, while Venezia could lose the match and than wait for Pistoia at PalaTaliercio for Game 5. Anyway Venezia coach De Raffaele wants to close here the series and there are no reasons he can fail.

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Internet play by play on legabasket.it

money line odds
Pistoia @ 1.45
Venezia @ 2.55

handicap odds
Pistoia (-4.5) @ 1.85
Venezia (+4.5) @ 1.85

Our Pick: Venezia (+4.5) stake 2/10

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