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Waiting for LBA Serie A 2020/2021

It’s lockdown in Italy and the LBA Serie A 2019/2020 is over. Waiting for the next season, let’s look what’s going on outside my house in Florence.

Taryn McCutcheon has not be drafted last friday night at the 2020 WNBA Draft. Detroit Free Press interwied her last week and we discovered she is studying Italian. Good luck to Taryn McCutcheon for het future.

Dinamo Sassari player Dwight Coleby is locked in Italy due to coronavirus lockdown, anyway The Kansas City Star write the player wants to go back to the USA as soon as possible, I am not sure he is set to play in Sassari next season. Probably not.

Pallacanestro Don Bosco Livorno is on Wikipedia (in english). Surely this is not a new page, anyway I just found it today.Take a look.

That’s all folks !!