I really don’t understand why Legabasket chosed to have a Sunday game scheduled at 12:00 cet with Italian families more interested in Sunday lunch than in basketball games. This is something Italian basketball copied from soccer, but, italian basketball has no SERIE A games to sell to the Asian market, while italian soccer has.

Sun 25 Nov 12:00 cet
Serie A โ€“ round 8
TRIESTE – CANTU’: game over Cantรน
Alma Trieste (3-4) and Red October Cantรน (3-4) play the first Serie A match of Sunday 25, with Italian fans more interested in Cantรน financial crisis than in Cantรน performances on court. As Sportando writes, the point si that Cantรน owner Dmitry Gerasimenko is ready to sell for free his shares of the club after his company, Red October, went bankruptcy. Would you like to be the new Pallacanaestro Cantรน president? Call mr. Gerasimenko.

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Trieste (-3.5) @ 1.65
stake 5/10

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