Sunday, Nov 13 16:00 cet
OAKA – Athens, Greece (European Union)
Greek League regular season


🏀 Panathinaikos (5-0) vs Kolossos (2-3)
Average odds: Pana (-26.5) @ 1.86 / Kolossos (+26.5) @ 1.85

As The Jerusalem Post reports, Panathinaikos got a great win in Euroleague on Thursday night. After this Greek League match with Kolossos, Pana will travel to Madrid for another Euroleague match and then will challenge Olympiacos. So, two Euroleague games for the Greens in the upcoming days

What’s the point? The point is that some men have to rest and some other men will play only few minutes against Kolossos. The target is to get a win, not to get an oversize win. Just few weeks ago Kolossos lost with Olympiacos by 12 points. Well, I expect to see something similiar with Pana.
Kolossos (+26.5) @ 1.85 stake 3/10
Greek League standings



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