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Just few notes for checking how the first quarter of bets has been. These are the results:

My 2013 bets
NΒ° Proofed Tips: 26
Results (W-D-L): 21-0-5
Staked: 197.00 units
Won : 220.45 units
Profit: +23.45 units

You can see all the details in my 2013 bets page. Anyway, I think it’s important to underline some points in order to help you to avoid losing money. Just few simply topics I want to show you, in order to explain how I get money by bookmakers.

1. PLACE ONLY SINGLE BETS: I know most of the bookmakers push in order you place multiple bets (bets with mone than 1 event), but I place only single bets, as my target is to win money, not just to place bet or to have fun betting. I want money. So I place only single bets.

2. CHOOSE YOUR SPORT: don’t go around following so many sports. As you want to win, focus in our sport and became a specialist in that sport. I chosed basket, as I have been a basket player, a basket coach, a basket referee and, of course, I am still a basket fan. I bet on basket because I know this sport very well.

3. FOCUS ON TOP LEAGUES: it’s ok to look around all leagues, but it’s important to place most of the bets on top leagues, and only few bets in other leagues. As you know I follow very well NBA and Euroleague.

4. KNOW WHEN YOU HAVE TO STOP: every month you must know when you have to stop placing bets, as the money you won are enough, or otherwise, to know when you have to stop losing money. In betting strategy it’s important to manage our money and our mind.

5. LISTEN TO THE GURU: in order to learn how to win, you need to check what most important websites write about bets and about your sport. In my useful links page you can find my selections of top resources.

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