Happy Monday to everyone, let’s check NBA standings before starting this week’s bets.

In EASTERN CONFERENCE we find a wondeful 4-0 record for the New York Knicks, with the Miami Heat with a nice 5-2 record. The questions is: do you see an Eastern Conference Finals Series with New York againts Miami? I don’t, as, in this Conference, I like vey much the Philadelphia 76ers this season.

In WESTERN CONFERENCE the San Antonio Spurs have a good 6-1 with a wonderful 3-0 at home. The second best is another Southwest Division team: the Memphis Grizzlies with 5-1. My Utah Jazz register a 3-4, a record that must be improved as soon as possible.

Something to read: the analysis of bleacher report on the bad start of the Detroit Pistons (0-7).

Something to buy: as you are in Italy, I suggest to buy the wonderful Rivista NBA, November issue.

See you later for the first bets of the week.

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