With the help of wikipedia, we are set to explain you how the Serie A2 playoffs work.ย The league’s playoffs are played between the first and the eighth of each group in four rounds: eightfinals, quarterfinals, semifinals and final. All series are played in a best-of-five format: the first, the second and the eventual fifth match will be played at home of the best-placed team, the second, the third and the fourth, at the end of the regular season. It’s aย promotion playoffs (for one place) of sixteen teams.


Today, Tuesday, May 1, we have 3 games. Just some notes about this 3 games, they are all game 2 of the first round. Trieste, Montegranaro and Scafati won game 1, so if you are confident with the Zig Zag Theory, tonight Treviglio, Biella and Ferrara are the teams to watch.


๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡นย Serie A2
18:00 Trieste โ€“ Treviglio
18:00 Biella โ€“ Montegranaro
18:00 Scafati โ€“ Ferrara

Treviglio (+10.5) @ 1.90
stake 2/10

Today you can follow Trieste – Treviglio live with Alma Live Web Radio, while Radio City is the right solution for Biella – Montegranaro. As you want to listen to Scafati – Ferrara, your radio station is Vivi Radio Web. You also can follow the Netcasting of all the 3 games.


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