married, one daughter

Where I live
Florence, Italy, Europen Union

47 years old

My job
web content editor

My hobby
I play poker at amateur level

Favourite basketball leagues
Euroleague, Serie A, Serie C Gold

Favourite basketball teams
Utah Jazz, Reyer Venezia,  Maccabi Tel Aviv & Olimpia Legnaia

Favourite book
“Barney’s Version” by Mordechai Richler

Favorite song
“Twist in my sobriety” by Tanita Tikaram

Favorite movie
“Ocie Ciornie” by Nikita Mikhalkov

Favorite quote
“Never, never, never give” up by Winston Churchill


Questo blog non rappresenta una testata giornalistica in quanto viene aggiornato senza alcuna periodicità. Non può pertanto considerarsi un prodotto editoriale ai sensi della legge n.62 del 7.03.2001.

Le foto inserite in questo blog sono pubblicate senza alcun fine di lucro ed hanno quale fonte l’intera rete internet, tuttavia qualora la loro pubblicazione violi diritti d’autore: vogliate comunicarmelo per una pronta rimozione.



Warning! Gambling involves high psychological and financial risks. This blog cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage as consequence of decisions based on information, betting advices or links provided on this site.

The visitor is warned to act exclusively at his own discretion and risk. This blog also cannot guarantee the correctness of information obtained from third parties.


5 comments on “About

  1. Hey liked your website and your basketball bets. Would you be interested in writing for another sports site as well at intheneutralzone.com? We get over 100,000 hits per month so it would also be a good way for you to gain more exposure for your blog. If interested drop us an email at intheneutralzone@yahoo.com


  2. Thanks for your offer, but I prefer to say no. No, thanks.


  3. Hi, thanks for following my blog. I hope you benefit greatly from it. As a former cigar smoker I can relate to your title although most of my cigars were before ten. Best of luck with your betting. It sounds like you have the right idea about limiting your losses. He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day.


  4. Thank you Tony, you are right: my target is to win or, if it’s not possible, my target is to limit my losses

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  5. I guess you have signed up again to follow my blog on diet, exercise and living past 100. Welcome! BTW, although I love NFL football, I don’t bet it. I do, however, visit the local riverboat as well as Las Vegas and Reno to play. I am an old retired financial journalist and I practice strict discipline, limiting my losses and letting my gains run. Good luck in yours!


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