It’s a cold Sunday in Italy, it would be silly to out this evening. My tip is to stay at home to watch a Serie A match. I choose Virtus Bologna vs Reyer Venezia.

🏀 Bundesliga round 7
15:00 Bamberg – Alba Berlin
🏀 Serie A round 5
17:00 Virtus Bologna – Reyer Venezia
20:15 Trento – Reggio Emilia
👧 Serie A Women round 5
18:00 San Martino – Reyer Venezia

ℹ️ Bologna (Italy)
16 Oct 2017 – 11 Feb 2018
Duchamp, Magritte, Dali. The Revolutionaries of the 900’s
at Palazzo Albergati


I know you are waiting for a serious analysis on this match, but believe me, it would be an useless job. Virtus Bologna is a strong team and Reyer Venezia won the title last season. It’s a coin flip match, it’s impossible to make a serious preview about this match. Anyway I choose Reyer Venezia for two good reasons. The 1st one is that I am a Reyer supporter, the 2nd one is that bookmakers see Reyer as underdog here and I jave just found a silly italian bookmaker that offer a 7.5 handicap. Today it’s a good day for winning some money,

Money line: Virtus Bologna @ 1.60 / Reyer Venezia @ 2.30
Handicap: Virtus Bologna (-7.5) @ 2.74 / Reyer Venezia (+7.5) @ 1.40

Betting Tip: Reyer Venezia (+7.5) @ 1.40 stake 5/10


won/loss 1-4
staked: 14.00
return: 5.55
balance: -8.45
roi: -60,35%

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