Reyer Venezia defeated Pistoia Basket 3-1, while Scandone Avellino destroyed Reggio Emilia 3-0. No problems for Venezia and Avellino in the LBA quarter finals.

These two teams played two times during the LBA regular season, with Rever winning both games: Avellino – Venezia 78-80 in December and Venezia – Avellino 78-75 in April. Curiously, Reyer and Scandone met twice also in Basketball Champions League this season, with Venezia defeating Avellino two times Venezia – Avellino 53-49 in 1st leg and Avellino – Venezia 68-72 in 2nd leg.

Good results for Venezia, but, believe me, no one in Italy think this series will be easy for Walter De Raffaele and his boys. Avellino is a top team team in this country and some experts think the white & green can win the series and go to the LBA Finals. Last Monday Oscar Eleni, one of the best Italian basketball journalist, wrote Avellino is the most dangerous team for Milano in the race for the title.

Hayens MarQuez and Michael Bramos are the top players for Venezia, while Avellino has two stars: Joe Ragland and David Logan.

Who will win the series? I guess Venezia 4-3. Game 1 is scheduled for Friday, May 26th. Stay tuned.



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