Reyer Venezia defeated Scandone Avellino 4-2, while Aquila Trento destroyed Armani Milano 4-1. No problems for Venezia and Trento in the Italian semifinals.

These two teams played two times during the Serie A regular season, with Trento winning both games: Venezia – Trento 59-76 in October and Trento – Venezia 65-57 in February. Curiously, both teams lived a very poor weekend in the Coppa Italia Final Eight last February with Venezia eliminated in the quarter finals and Trento watching the gmes on TV as the team failed to qualify for this event.

Good results for Trento, but, believe me, no one in Italy think this series will be easy for Maurizio Buscaglia and his boys. This is a too close to call series, in our opinion. Anyway both clubs already look at the future. Venezia already confirmed Walter De Raffaele as coach for next season and the same did Trento with his Maurizio Buscaglia. The european furure is also clear: Venezia will play Basketball Champions League, while Trento has already chosed Eurocup for next season.

Ariel Filloy and Esteban Batistaare the key players for Venezia in this LBA Playoff, while Trento has two stars: Dominique Sutton and Diego Floccadori.

Who will win the series? It’s too close to call, but anyway, we guess Venezia 4-3. Game 1 is scheduled for Sunday, June 10, by the way, check our The 2016/2017 Italian Finals and enjoy the duel!



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