As I wrote on summer, Greek basketball is in trouble. Yesterday, Tuesday, October 18, we got another confirmation when Argyris Pedoulakis resigned as head coach of Panathinaikos.

As remember us, Pedoulakis took over the Panathinaikos bench from Aleksandar Djordjevic following the Turkish Airlines Euroleague Playoffs in April. Who will head Panathinaikos in Moscow on Friday? We wait and see.


3 thoughts on “Pedoulakis leaves Panathinaikos”
  1. Pedoulakis was a questionable decision from the very start. Unfortunately, a lot of fans did not realise this and they had stayed at his epic sweep of Olympiakos in the 2013 finals. I am sad that he left that way but I do not believe he could improve this team.
    The names that are under consideration are Luca Banchi, Pini Gershon and Igor Kokoskov. I believe that Pini can do amazing things with the current roster but unfortunately, I am a minority in the fans.

      1. Well, Pascual is the new coach of PAO. I have the suspicion that our president, DPG, had initiated contacts with him the moment he got fire and just waited for the right opportunity to fire RG.

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