Two weeks ago  all the Italian media wrote that Auxilium Torino had sacked coach Larry Brown and replaced him with Gianmarco Pozzecco. As the most of the news published by Italian media, this news was completely false. So, yesterday night Torino defeated Trento with coach Larry Brown sitting on Torino bench.

Tue 12 Dec 20:30 cet
Eurocup – round 9
TORINO – LIETUVOS RYTAS: game over for Torino
Torino (0-8) and Trento (3-5) meet on Tuesday night at PalaRuffini. The Auxilium Fiat Torino european season has been a disaster and the yellow & blue are set to lose also this match as Lietuvos Rytas has still a target to reach: the qualification to next round. By the way, do you knwo why sometimes Torino play at PalaRuffini and sometimes at PalaVela? It’s another italian mystery.

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Torino  @ 2.40
Rytas @ 1.50

Rytas @ 1.50
stake 8/10

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