Forlì – Pistoia preview

Matchday 14
Wednesday, Juanuary 4, 2012 – 20:45 cet

Forlì – Tesi Pistoia

Forlì (5-7) are without Tony Easley, who moved to Serie A team Dinamo Sassari last week, and without  Brad Wanamaker, who has signed for Forli, but he is still not ready to play for his new team.

Pistoia (9-4) played a superb basket in the last weeks winning their last 3 Legadue matches and catching 2nd position in the regular season ranking. By the way, former Forlì star Bobby Jones now plays for Pistoia. It’s the match of the year for this american player.

Pistoia (+1.5) @ 1.85
Stake 10/100

Forli – Pistoia 91-87
money: -10.00

MY 2012 BETS
Stake: 30.00
Win: 11.20
Balance: -18.80 (-62.66%)

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Siena – Pesaro preview

Serie A
Matchday 14
Tuesday, Juanuary 3, 2012 – 20:30 cet

Montepaschi Siena – Scavolini Pesaro

Siena (10-2) have finally Bob McCalebb at his best. He is the most important player for the green & white team and I am confident he is set to get the win for Siena tonight. 

Pesaro (6-6) have a lot of problems with their supporters as the president Franco Del Moro has asked the police to protect the team. Some days ago a pig’s head was sent to the club, it’s a typical mafia messagge. Pesaro travel to Siena without the center Marco Cusin, iniured. I bet my money on Siena win.

Siena @ 1.10
Stake 10/100

x Siena – Pesaro 75-78
money: -10.00

MY 2012 BETS
Stake: 20.00
Win: 11.20
Balance: -8.80 (-44.0%)

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Artland – Hagen preview

Matchday 16
Monday, Juanuary 2, 2012 – 19:30 cet

Artland Dragons – Phoenix Hagen

Artland (11-4) are living a wonderful season and they got 4 victories in their last 4 Bundesliga games. David Holston and Antony King are the best players in this team as they have brought the Drangons till 3rd position, just under Bamberg and Ulm. 

Hagen (6-9) usually win only against weaker teams. No hope for them in Quakenbrück this monday night.

Artland @ 1.12
Stake 10/100

Please note: stake 10/100 is the lowest, while stake 100/ is the highest I would made in the year 2012. Let’s start slowly.

Artland – Hagen 109-59
money: +1.20

MY 2012 BETS
Stake: 10.00
Win: 11.20
Balance: +1.20 (+12%)

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See you in Juanuary

Zaragoza – Monbus

Liga ACB
Matchday 13
Wednesday, December 28, 2011 – 20:30 cet

CAI Zaragoza – Blusens Monbus
Zaragoza (5-6) have finally catched the form with 3 wins and 2 lost in the last 5 games. Now they are in 10th position with the 8th position as target to get as soon as possible. Blusens Monbus (4-8)  are fighting to avoid a relegation place, nothing more.  By the way, 2 wins and 3 lost for them in the last 5 games of Liga ACB. You can follow this match live on Aragon Radio tonight, in spanish, of course.
Zaragoza @ 1.30
Stake 2/10

Zaragoza – Monbus 80-71
money: +0.60

Stake: 562.00
Win: 510.20
Balance: -51.80 (-9.21%)

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