Top 16, Matchday 1
Wednesday,ย Juanuary 18, 2012 โ€“ 20:45 cet

Olympiacos Pireausย โ€“ CSKA Moscow
Olympiacosย (6-4) are taking on CSKA, one month later both teams secured aย ย place in Euroleague Top 16.ย Unfortunatley the Greeks are without Panos Vasilopoulos, injured. Anyway the coach Dusan Ivkovic is quite optimistic: “I believe that our fans will help us a lot in this game and we will try hard to do something good.”
CSKAย ย (10-0) is probably the best European team, as they won all the games in Euroleague regular season. Soon or later they are set to lose. Today it could be that day!
Olympiakosย (+5.5) @ 1.92
Stake 10/100
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