I am so happy this week we have just 1 EuroLeague round, as with 2 EuroLeague rounds as we had last week, my mind risks to creash! My EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge team for Round 20 is a littebit different than the one I chosed for Round 19, but no so different.


PG Vasiljie Micic Zalgiris 
SG Cory Higgins CSKA (captain)
SF Krunoslav Simon Efes (vice-captain)
PF  Aaron White Zalgiris

C Giorgi Shermadini Malaga
G Matt Jennins Baskonia
F Leon Radosevic Bamberg
U De Andre Kane Maccabi
G Michael Roll Maccabi

F Davide Pascolo Milano
C Marco Cusin Milano
U Luigi Datome Fenerbahce

R19 points: 89.4
R19 ranking: 66.955
R19 James Bond Public League ranking: 37/46
Overall points: 950.00
Overall ranking: 82.040
Overall James Bond Public League ranking: 44/46

As you can see I sacked F Semen Antonov (CSKA) as his performance were very poor. Anyway I secured the services of F Davide Pascolo (Milano), I player I love, but his silly coach, Simone Pianigiani often avoid to use this player,. By the way, I put on bench C Luigi Datome (Fenerbahce), as he suffers bad form in these week. By the way, in Round 20, I have C Leon Radosevic (Bamberg) back in the starting line up. I have a strange relationship with Rodosevic, I know.

PG: point guard
SG: shooting guard
SF: small forward
PF: power forward
C: center
G: guard
F: forward
U: utility