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■ Coast to Coast Podcast Episode 22 is online. It’s about Basketball Champions League Round of 16 with an interesting point of view about Niznhy – Reyer Venezia and Le Mans – Virtus Bologna. Source: Basketball Champions League

TUESDAY 05 Mar 2019

17:00 Nizhny Novgorod – Reyer Venezia
20:30 Le Mans – Virtus Bologna

■ Anyway, I know that EuroLeaue too is an important tournament, so, if you like, a good report about Khimki Moscow – Milano 88-90 wait for you. Source: EuroLeague

■ Meanwhile in LBA Serie A, Dinamo Sassari wait for Cremona with new Sassari new coach Gianmarco Pozzecco ready to face old Sassari coach Romeo Sacchetti, the man who won Scudetto (the italian title) witth the sardinian team. Source: (in italian)

■ Oh my God, I just realized tonight – Friday 1 March 2019 – Reyer Venezia face Luparense in Coppa Italia Women Final Eight! What’s the problem? The problem is I will be out for dinner. What a pity! Anyway, I hope I could follow the netcast of the game with FIBA live stats

■ Yes, it’s another weekend of Coppa Italia games. This afternoon Virtus Roma destroyed Scaligera Verona in Coppa Italia Serie A2 quarter finals. Source: Lega Pallacanestro

Now I go to spend the rest of my Friday afternoon at the barber shop, it’s the italian way of life, don’t worry.

Header Photo Credit: @ Basketball Champions League