Matchday 14
Wednesday, Juanuary 4, 2012 – 20:45 cet

Forlì – Tesi Pistoia

Forlì (5-7) are without Tony Easley, who moved to Serie A team Dinamo Sassari last week, and without  Brad Wanamaker, who has signed for Forli, but he is still not ready to play for his new team.
Pistoia (9-4) played a superb basket in the last weeks winning their last 3 Legadue matches and catching 2nd position in the regular season ranking. By the way, former Forlì star Bobby Jones now plays for Pistoia. It’s the match of the year for this american player.
Pistoia (+1.5) @ 1.85
Stake 10/100
Forli – Pistoia 91-87
money: -10.00

MY 2012 BETS
Stake: 30.00
Win: 11.20
Balance: -18.80 (-62.66%)
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