It’s Saturday evening in Florence and I am sitting in my kitchen. Euroleague season is over and, waiting for dinner, this is the right moment to see what’s going on European basketball.

EUROLEAGUE: CSKA Moscow won the title beating Fenerbahce in Berlin. Next season Euroleague will have 16 teams fighting for the title, but the true battle has alreday started: Euroleague vs FIBA Europe. I don’t have anything against FIBA, anyway I back Euroleague in this duel, as I believe in free market and I think every clubΒ should have the right to choose its favorite competition.

EUROCUP: Galasaray takes the crown. Another winning season for Turkish basketball. Unfortunately this competion is set to downsize next season, anyway I amΒ set to go on following Eurocup.

FIBA EUROPE CUP: Frankfurt Skyliners won the title. Probably someone still thinks German basketball is not interesting, but I don’t agree as now Germany has a very interesting league and German clubs will soon fight for bigger trophies. By the way, all the FIBA Europe competions will be followed by this site in season 2016/2017.

VTB UNITED LEAGUE: CSKA Moscow and Unics Kazan meet in the final series that start on June 1. It would be interesting to place some bets on this duel. Do you agree?

ADRIATIC LEAGUE: Crvena Zvezda secured the title. You know, I love this league. I hope you love it too.

Well, dinner is ready. Bye bye.

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