Reading the Euroleague standings after Round 12, you can find that Barcelona is out of the top 8 and today the Blaugrana would not play the playoffs. Armani Milano is out too, but, as you know, I don’t trust very much in this club, so the bad season of the Italian team is not a surprise for me.

What about my beloved Maccabi Tel Aviv? Well, we have a good team and we can get a post season spot.

CSKA Moscow 11-1
Real Madrid 8-4
Fenerbahce 8-4
Olympiacos 8-4
Baskonia 8-4
Panathinaikos 7-5
Efes 6-6

Darussafaka 6-6
Barcelona 5-7
Maccabi Tel Aviv 5-7
Crvena Zvezda 5-7
Milano 4-8

Zalgiris 4-8
Galatasaray 4-8
Brose 4-8

Unics Kazan 3-9


One thought on “EuroleagueStandings after Round 12”
  1. I believe we should not rush into conclusions. The season is long and more injuries will come; this can alter the current ranking. Add to the previous statement the fact that teams out of top8 are two wins away and someone can see that the season has a long way to go. With regard to Maccabi,
    a)get a professional coach. A serious one, not just an assistant. Perhaps my suggestion of Luca Banchi should be seen more seriously.
    b) For the name of God (in all religions), get a defensive stopper for the back court! Stop adding talented undisciplined players who will just slack off when the team is not in offense and get a facilitator whose main focus is defense. You do not need a Calathes eliminator, players like Mantzaris or Draper are easy to be found, since European leauges are full of them. As long as Maccabi recruiters continue not to realise that in this league (Euroleague) it is important to have players who can put defensive pressure, the team will show great instability.

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