Just some notes for the EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge coaches some hours before Round 20.

The best player is still the PG Thomas Huertel (value 1.52 m). He played 19 games in EuroLeague 2017/2018 and he will play the 20th game this week. Do you have enough money for this player? Buy him now!

Are you looking for a good Baskonia player? I suggest PF Toko Shengella, 18% of EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge have this player in their rosters. Probably the top teams have him.

Bryce Taylor is injured. 

PG Taylor Rochestie played 19 games this season. This week he will play his 20th EuroLeague game of the season.

News about Leo Westerann? Only one: he remains sidelined after surgery.


James Nunnally and Nikola Kalinic are out due to their injuries.

The C Thomas Robinson is out with a broken wrist.

Norris Cole is the PG you are looking for, me too.

Patrick Young is injured.

Dimitris Agravanis and  Kim Tillie could miss the entire regular season.. Replace them asap! 

Are you looking for a good PF or C? Look at Chris Singleton (value 1.43 m)


PG/SG NemanJa Nedovic is the best player of the team. What the hell did I buy the C Giorgi Shermadini instead of Nedovic? I wanted an Unicaja player in my team, probably i got the wrong one!

Antoine Diot is out long term. Replace him asap in your roster.

PF Paulius Jankunas has not missed a EuroLeague game for Zalgiris since March 2014, a streak of 100 straight appearances, as euroleague.net reports.

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