FRANKFURT (1.94) – TORINO (1.86)
Coach Larry Brown sits on Torino bench. He is a legend and he has a good team, anyway. Torino has some problems. Victor Rudd is one of these problems, as he is too slow. I prefer Frankfurt.
Frankfurt @ 1.94 stake 7/10

BRESCIA (1.73) – AS MONACO (2.15)
Brescia play in Eurocup for the first time, but the team has some players with a good experience. The one I suggest to look at is Andrea Zerini.
Brescia @ 1.73 stake 6/10

TRENTO (1.31) – PARTIZAN (3.55)
Trento had some problems in Italian Supercup last weekend. They played a poor basketball and now the question is: can Trento play a good basketball against Partizan? My answer is no.
Partizan @ 3.55 stake 2/10

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