Today Olimpia Milano hosts Trento, one of strongest team in Italy and, I think, one of the most interesting team in Europe, even if they don’t play any European cups this season. Not because of them, but because of the Italian Basketball Federation. It’s a long and sad story …..

Sunday,  April 2

Serie A Round 25
18:15 EA7 Milano – Trento

Mediolanum Forum
Assago, Milano, Italy, EU

🏀 EA7 MILANO (20-4) – TRENTO (14-10)

Milano coach Jasmin Repesa has 5 injured player: Kalnietis, Dragic, Simon, Fontecchio and Cerella. Milano is not anymore a basketball team, it looks like an hospital. Trento coach Maurizio Buscaglia has no injured players and they won 8 of their last 9 Serie A games. Trento is hot, be careful!

As reports, bookmakers see home team as clear favorite tonight, but no one explain the reason of bookmakers’ choise. I have the answer: Milano has a lot of fans all around the world and so many bettors is set to back their beloved team today. I will do their mistake. This is our “game of the day”, it means I will invest my money in this match. i wanto to underline that “to invest” and not “to bet” is the right word.

TV: Trentino TV, a DTT channel broadcasted in northern Italy.
Radio: Radio Hinterland Binasco, a local radio you can listen to online.
Trento (+8.5) @ 1.86 stake 2/10


🇮🇹 🇪🇺
Country: Italy (European Union)
Town: Milano
Colors: red & white
Arena: Mediolanum Forum
Leagues: Euroleague & Serie A
Coach: Jasmin Repesa
Official website / Wikipedia page


3 thoughts on “EA7 Milano – Trento Preview”
  1. Milano has a hell of a roster but Repesa is the second most ridiculous cartoon of Euroleague coaches (the first by far is Ataman).
    ps. Stupid Baskonia, stupid Alonso. You had one job to do, win Zalgiris at home.

      1. Milano has not a bad roster, Radu, Simon, Kalnietis, Hickman, McLean, Dragic, Macvan and Pascolo are all good players, top8 material. The problem is Repesa- his ideas for basketball are 6 years behind our time.
        Btw, what do you know about the new coach in Tel Aviv? Is Saras an option? Taking into account that he likes to place slow-paced, I do not agree he is a suitable candidate for Maccabi (despite himself being a capable coach). Just for the record, if Mr Bean/coach B/Bartzokas gets fired from Barcelona, he should be your very first priority. His run and gun style and his mentality will match excellently with your beloved Maccabi. I believe that he is the ideal coach to built a long relationship for the Lakers of Europe 😀

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