Milano (Italy, European Union)
Sunday, October 9 2016 12:00 cet


Last week I thought Milano could win in Capo d’Orlando, and probably somewhere else in Italy, with a large margin of points. I changed my mind. The Red Shoies are strong, but not so strong as Italian newspapers and magazines tell us. The lucky win in Sicily showed an Armani Milano not ready for big challenges and, trust me, the match with Scandone Avellino is a big challenge.

Serie A, the Italian League
It would be nice to have the Serie A official website in english, but the Italians are not ready yet for this kind of problems. Anyway the website looks nice and it’s easy to visit.


🔲 Past and future for Milano and Avellino
Last Sunday EA7 Milano won in Capo d’Orlando in the 1st round of Serie A. In the same day Avellino defeated the ambitious Fiat Torino. On Thursday Milano will host Maccabi for the 1st round of Euroleague, while the next appointment for Avellino will be against Pistoia on Sunday, October 15.

📘 BETTING: I say Avellino
As I told you, I won’t  make the same mistake. I won’t back Milano. I choose the rivals, also because, for this match, the bookmakers’ analysis is wrong, as they are waiting for massive bets on home win. I disagree, so my betting tip for the weekend is Avellino (+12.5) @ 1.90 stake 3/10. Yes, you read the right handicap: 12.5 points. Italian bookies are crazy!


See you on Monday, have a nice weekend