Boys and girls welcome back to Cigarafterten, the right stop before betting in basket. Let’s check how NBA is going on.

InΒ EASTERN CONFERENCEΒ the Miami Heat have the lead with a 30-14 record and a 18-3 at home. In 2nd position we find, as last week, the New York Knicks, Β with 30-15 and 4 games won in a row: great moment for them. Worst team is the Washington Wizards: 11-35 for them and 3-21 in their away games.

InΒ WESTERN CONFERENCE the San Antonio Spurs, with 10 games won a a row, are the best team: 38-11 for the black and white team. Second place for the Oklahoma City Thunder, thanks to a 35-12 record. Worst team is New Orleans Hornets with 15-33.

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