Boys and girls good morning and Merry Christmas. I hope you appreciated my european CW 51 with 2 bets and 2 won for me and for my followers. Anyway, let’s check what’s going on the world most important championship: the NBA!

Inย EASTERN CONFERENCEย the Miami Heat secured the 1st place with 18-6 record, enough to puch the New York Knicks (20-7) in the 2nd place of the East Conference. Are you searching for some strange story? Look at the Charlotte Bobcats: 15 games lost in a row for them!

Inย WESTERN CONFERENCEย the ย Oklahoma City Thunder with a 9-1 record in the last 10 games. Second place for the Los Angeles Clippers: 21-6 for them, with 11 games won in a row. Bad news for italian journalists, always in love with the Los Angeles Lakers: 13-14 for the yellow and violet team.

So, before placing my bets for the last week of the year, it’s time to give you some tips:

Read latest NBA trade rumors in, check the Calvin Ayer Gambling News, and listen the, as every Utah Jazz fan do everyday.

Are you ready to bet on CW 52 NBA games? See you later!

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