Boys and girls good morning, welcome in the 50th week of year 2012, a week I hope to see rich of money won with my basketball bets. First of all, let’s look what’s happening in the NBA.

InΒ EASTERN CONFERENCEΒ New York Knicks got the leadership with a wonderful 15-5 record, 8-0 at home, by the way. It’s better than the 13-5 record of Miami Heat, with an home record of 9-1 for them. Let me spend few words for Charlotte Bobcats (7-12) with 7 games lost in a row: very bad.

InΒ WESTERN CONFERENCEΒ the duel is between San Antonio Spurs (17-4) and Oklahoma City Thunder (17-4). What about the Los Angeles Lakers? They play with a bad 9-12, good enough for getting the 3rd place in Pacific Division, not good enough for dreaming the NBA title.

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Are you ready to bet on CW 50 NBA games? I am just waiting for my bookmaker odds. See you later.

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