Boys and girls good morning! Itโ€™s Monday in Italy, the best day for checking whatโ€™s happening in NBA.

Inย EASTERN CONFERENCEย the Miami Heat have the lead with a 28-13 record and a wonderful 18-3 at home. In 2nd position we find the New York Knicks with 27-15, but only 5-5 in the last 10 games. I suggest you to look at the bad 5 games lost in a row by the Orlando Magic, the y have a 14-29 record. I think they will see the NBA playoff on TV.

Inย WESTERN CONFERENCE it’s Spurs’ time with a 36-11 record and 8 games won in a row! The Spurs are followed by the Oklahoma City Thunder (34-11), a team that has a 19-3 home record. Wow! What about my Utah Jazz? They have a 24-20 recod, more than 50%. Unbelievable.

Please let me remeber you that this week I am set to start my February bets. Don’t forget the last month I destroyed my bookmaker. Are you ready to destroy yours? Follow me in the next days.

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