So, Game 5 is here. The last battle of this semifinals series. Game 5 will take place tonight, Friday 7 June 2019 at PalaRadi in Cremona. Home advantage for Cremona, but, you know, Reyer boys don’t care about this kind of details.

FRI 5 JUNE 2019
20:45 cet

LBA Serie A
semifinals game 5

Cremona, Italy

We know Cremona is a good team with an excellent coach, but we also know Cremona was built to play just LBA Serie A games this season. On the other side, Reyer Venezia built the roster in order to play Basketball Champions League, so the Reyer Venezia roster has more players. Both teams are tired, but Venezia has some fresh players on bench, players as Mazzola, Cerella and Giurì.

Italian bookies think home team has an advantage here. I don’t agree. So, looking at Cremona @ 1.60 and Reyer @ 2.30, I choose Reyer (+5.5) @ 1.60 stake 5/10. June balace: 5 / 6.75 / +1.75.


Are you looking for axn excuse to visit Cremona? I have one for you: Cremoma Musica, International Exhibitions and Festival. When? Sep 27th-29th 2019. Where? In Cremona!