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The Cigarafterten European Basketball Power Rankings – Tuesday, May 30th

The four European Cups are finished, it’s the right moment for updating The Cigarafterten European Basketball Power Rankings.

The Cigarafterten
European Basketball Power Rankings

Tuesday, May 30th

1️ FENERBAHCE (+3)  the turkish team won Euroleague 2016/2017. they are the European kings. This is a good news for Turkey, a country in love with basketball.

2️ CSKA MOSCOW (-1) – the russian giants will try to win Euroleague next season. Meanwhile, Dimitrios Itoudis boys want to win the VTB United League. We are confident they can do it.

3️ REAL MADRID (-1) – this team faces Unicaja Malaga in Liga ACB semifinals. It would not be easy for Real to win the title, but this is the reason why we like the spanish league. So many teams can fight for the title every year!

4️ OLYMPIACOS (-1) – who are the two finalists in the Greek League? Olympiacos and Panathinaikos, as usual. We think the Greek League is the most boring league in Europe. Do you agree?

5️ BASKONIA (+2)  Sito Alonso’s boys played a good basketball in Euroleague regular season, but then they failed in the playoff. Now Baskonia faces another challenge: the Liga ACB semifinal versus Valencia. What a challenge!

6️ PANATHINAIKOS (=) as you want to build a strong team, you have to play in a strong league. Panathinaikos and Olympiacos need stronger rivals in Greek League. As soon as possible.

7️ MALAGA (-2) – we all are waiting to see Joan Plaza boys in Euroleague next season. Meanwhile, we can see them in Liga ACB semifinals.

8️ BAMBERG (new entry) – the german champions got their spot in the Bundesliga finals. As you know the Bundesliga winner will play in Euroleague 2017/2018, as we wrote in our article Euroleague 2017/2018: we already know 13 of the 16 teams.

9️ CRVENA ZVEZDA (new entry) – not only a good season in Euroleague for this wonderful serbian team. Crvena Zvezda has already won ABA Liga and Serbian Cup and they are still in race for the Serbian League title.

1️0️ EFES (new entry) –  another turkish team in the Top 10. Efes got his ticket for Turkish League semifinals. We would not be surprised to see them in the finals.


Country: Turkey
Town: Istanbul
Colors: yellow & blue
Arena: Ulker Sports Arena
Leagues: Euroleague & TBSL
Coach: Zeliko Obradovic
Official website / Wikipedia page
Supplier: Nike

The Cigarafterten European Basketball Power Rankings – Friday, April 28

God bless European Basketball! Today, Friday, April 28 we have two great events: Euroleague Playoffs Game 4 and FIBA Champions League Final Four.

The Cigarafterten
European Basketball Power Rankings

Friday, April 28

↗️ 01 CSKA MOSCOW– Dimitris Itoudis‘ boys defeated Baskonia 3-0 in the Euroleague playoffs. Now the Russian team has time to focus on VTB United League. A CSKA player very hot is Cory Higgins: 13.7 points average in the Euroleague playoffs.

↘️ 02 REAL MADRID – The question is: can Real win Euroleague and Liga ACB? We think Los Blancos can win one title, but not both.

🏀 03 OLYMPIACOS  The season depends on the duel with Efes in the playoffs. Tonight Olympiacos will play Game 4. We don’t know the future, but anyway, we still see Olympiacos as one of the best team in Europe.

🏀 04 FENERBAHCE – Ten days ago we wrote Fenerbahce was favorite against Panathinaikos. In our Road to Istanbul Preview we thought Fenerbahce could win 3-1, you know Gigi Datome and friends has won 3-0. We were right.

↗️ 05 MALAGA Do you know Unicaja Malaga will play in Euroleague next season? Don’t miss to follow Malaga moves this summer.

↘️ 06 PANATHINAIKOS – Pana fans don’t understand why their teams have been destroyed Fenerbahce. The answer is simple: Fenerbahce play in TBSL, a very competitive league, while Panathinaikos play in the poor Greek League.

🏀 07 BASKONIA – This team lost 3-0 against CSKA Moscow, anyway the 3 games confirmed that Baskonia is a great team. One of the best in Europe.

🏀 08 TENERIFE – So many good players in this team. Do you want one name to follow? the Lithuanian forward Marius Grigonis.

🏀 09 DARUSSAFAKA – It’s Friday, April 28 and Darussafaka is still alive in Euroleague. Isn’t it wonderful?

🎉 10 NANTERRE – Libertè. Egalitè. Fraternitè: Nanterre is the FIBA Europe Cup champion! This is a good news for the French basketball.


Country: Russia
Town: Moscow
Colors: red & blue
Arena: Megasport Arena
Leagues: Euroleague & VTB United League
Coach: Dimitrios Itoudis
Official website / Wikipedia page

The Cigarafterten European Basketball Power Rankings – Tuesday, April 18

We know newpapers write boring articles about Euroleague and the other European cups. We know marketing is working to destroy the game, but now we have – every 10 days – The Cigarafterten European Basketball Power Rankings, something newspapers and marketing will never undertand.

The Cigarafterten
European Basketball Power Rankings

Tuesday, April 18

🏀 01 REAL MADRID – With a 20-7 record and the 1st postion in Liga ACB standings, Real Madrid can focus on Euroleague playoffs, where they will meet Darussafaka Istanbul. Othello Hunter is a man could be important in these weeks.

🏀 02 CSKA MOSCOW – we hope you already read our CSKA – Baskonia Round 1 Preview.

🏀 03 OLYMPIACOS  The Reds have Eric Green back. As writes, the player missed the team’s Round 30 game but has returned to action in the Greek League last week.

↗️ 04 FENERBAHCE – The team has been build to win TBSL and Euroleague. I think the yellow & black can go close, very close to get both targets,

↘️ 05 PANATHINAIKOS  Pana faces Fenerbache in the Euroleague playoffs. As you can see in our bracket, somehow we prefer Fenerbahce in this duel.

↘️ 06 UNICAJA MALAGA – This team has already won Eurocup 2016/2017. Now it’s time they focus on Liga ACB.

↗️ 07 BASKONIA – Toko Shengelia will be back in action tonight against CSKA Moscow.

🏀 08 TENERIFE Txus Vidorreta‘s boys will face Reyer Venezia in Basketball Champions League Final Four, an event we are set to follow. By the way, there are rumors that the coach could change team in the summer. Barcelona is looking at him.

↗️ 09 DARUSSAFAKA – This is the team everone is looking at in the Euroleague playoffs. We think Darussafaka can play the Eurolegue final, we are not jocking, read our bracket.

🎉 10 VALENCIA – Are you looking for fresh power in Europe? Look at Valencia, a team set to win Liga ACB this season.


REAL MADRIDreal_madrid_baloncesto

🇪🇸 🇪🇺
Country: Spain (European Union)
Town: Madrid
Colors: white, purple & grey
Arena: Wizink Center
Leagues: Euroleague & Liga ACB
Coach: Pablo Laso
Official website / Wikipedia page

The Cigarafterten European Basketball Power Rankings – Saturday, April 8

It’s time to build something interesting in this website. Something other websites could not copy as some websites (some big websites ….) did with our former ideas. What’s The Cigarafterten European Basketball Power Rankings? It’s a wonderful and fantastic standings about the top European basketball teams. It’s our powerr rankings, made by people who love the game, not the marketing around the game. Enjoy The Cigarafterten European Basketball Power Rankings and feel free to send us your tips!

The Cigarafterten
European Basketball Power Rankings
Saturday, April 8, 2017

🏀 01 REAL MADRID – This team finished the Euroleague regular season with a league best 23-7 record. Real will face Darussafaka in the Euroleague playoffs.

🏀 02 CSKA MOSCOW – the Russians got an easy qualification to the Euroleague playoffs and show their power in the VTB United League where CSKA leads the standings with a wonderful 20-2 record.

🏀 03 OLYMPIACOS  Did you believe Olympiacos could close the Euroleague regular season in 3rd position? I did not.

🏀 04 PANATHINAIKOS  Pana does not want to be less than Olympiacos.

🏀 05 UNICAJA MALAGA – Don’t be surprised to see the Malaga here. Unicaja has won Eurocup and they are running for the Spanish title.

🏀 06 FENERBAHCE – Probably they have to improve to secure a spot in the Euroleague Final Four.

🏀 07 EFES ISTANBUL – Their target was to reach the Euroleague post season. Mission accomplished.

🏀 08 TENERIFE – This is the best Liga ACB team today. By the way, Txus Vidorreta‘s boys are favorites to win FIBA Champions League.

🏀 09 BASKONIA – In Euroleague playoffs Baskonia will face CSKA Moscow. I suggest the Russians to be careful…

🏀 10 DARUSSAFAKA – What a great season for Brad Wanameker and friends! I am curious to see them in Euroleague and TBSL playoffs.

REAL MADRIDreal_madrid_baloncesto

🇪🇸 🇪🇺
Country: Spain (European Union)
Town: Madrid
Colors: white, purple & grey
Arena: Wizink Center
Leagues: Euroleague & Liga ACB
Coach: Pablo Laso
Official website / Wikipedia page