On Wednesday, April 18, Reyer Venezia host Galatasaray in Eurocup Women final game 2. As you know, Galatasaray secured game 1 with ax excellent 90-68. Waiting for the Venetian comeback, lets’ check what Turkish press wrote about game 1.

πŸ’ˆΒ Galatasaray Women one step away from Eurocup basketball title
Galatasaray has one hand on the 2018 EuroCup Women basketball title as a huge crowd celebrated a 90-68 win against Reyer Venezia Wednesday after Allie Quigley dropped a stunning 37 points. Reyer Venezia imploded spectacularly in the middle of …. continue on Daily Sabah


πŸ†Β Eurocup Women
final game 2

20:30 Reyer Venezia – Galatasaray

Photo Credit: @Β  Daily Sabah

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