Acqua San Bernardo Cantù – Happy Casa Brindisi is the last match of LBA Serie A Round 20. I don’t understand why this match has been scheduled on Monday night, but I think it’s because of TV rights, or something similiar.

■ At Brindisi, the press and the fans are still shocked by the Coppa Italia final, where Brindisi lost the match against Cremona. The point is that local press think the formula of the tournament was crazy. My point of view is that they are crazy! Coppa Italia is a great tournament and Cremona defeated Brindisi just because Cremona are stronger that Brindisi. Source: Brindisi Report (in italian)

MONDAY 04 Mar 2019

20:30 Cantù – Brindisi

Cantù is set to play this match with two new players: Tony Carr and Tyler Stone. The point is that, until few weeks ago, Cantù was thought to be without money, so it’s not clear how the club is moving in the transfer market. We know the club should be sold to a new owner, but there is something I am ot able to understand about this club. The pre-match interview of Cantù coach Nicola Brienza does not explain anything. Source: Basket Inside (in italian)

■ Another Cantù player to watch is Lorenzo Olgiati (born 1999). He comes from the Under 20 team of Cantù and now he has been promoted to the Serie A roster. I hope to see him playing some minutes on Monday night. Source: Corriere di Como (in italian)

Cantù @ 2.00
Brindisi @ 1.75

Cantù (+2.5) @ 1.75
stake 4/10

Header Photo credits @ Acqua San Bernardo & Pallacanestro Cantù