🇮🇹 Serie A2 East Division
20:30 Piacenza – Ravenna

🇮🇹 Serie A2 West Division
17:00 Eurobasket Roma – Viola Reggio Calabria
20:30 Cagliari – Mens Sana Siena

All times are CET – Central Europe Time

📰 News
Pasta Cellino Cagliari (10-12) are back in action tonight hosting Soundreef Siena (9-13) are back in action tonight. There will be no time to shake off the rust, though, because this game is huge in terms of a possible playout berth.

💶 Betting tips
Cagliari @ 1.60 stake 2/10

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Cagliari – Siena radio streaming by Radio Siena TV

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Serie A2 official website is

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My tip? Go to Jazzino – Restaurant & Jazz Club in Cagliari

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The tourist portal of the city of Cagliari is

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Jazzino  – The pic of this post belongs to Jazzino – Restaurant & Jazz Club in Cagliari

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