🇮🇹 Serie A
20:30 Cantù – Sassari 📡
20:45 Reggio Emilia – Avellino 📡

🇮🇹 Serie A2
20:30 Cagliari – Scafati

All times are CET – Central Europe Time

📰 News
Cantù: Randy Culpepper had some problems with an hand, but he surely will play against Sassari. Jeremy Chappel and Christian Burns had some problems too, anyway Chappel will play, while Burns is set to be out, as reports (in italian).

📡 TV, radio & internet
The right solution for Serie A games streaming is (in Italy)

🔗 Links
Serie A official website is (in italian)

🎷 Jazz
Sat, Jan 20 (22:00 cet) Carlo Atti & Fabio Grande Quartet: “A tribute di Sony Rollins” at Stones Cafè in Vignola (Modena), info at

🍒 Tourism in Lombary
Do you want to visit Lombardy? check to get useful tips

📷 Photo Credit
Cigarafterten – I took the pic you see above this morning in Florence.

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