AVELLINO registered his secondo home win of the season by topping visiting TRENTO. 110-72. Caleb Green scored 30 points and Norris Cole secured other 22 points to the green & white team. Trento playmaker Nikola Radicevic finished with 13 points. By the way, this is the player Trento i set to cut in order to have Aaron Craft. Something has to change in Trento, asap.

On Tuesday Trento will travel to Belgrade to play against Partizan in a Eurocup game, while on Wednesday Avellino will host Banvispor in a Champions League match.Β 

➑️ Stats: Avellino – Trento by legabasket.it

πŸ’°Β Betting;Β Β Trento (+15.5) @ 1.35 stake 9/10 ❌  – 7

πŸŽ™οΈΒ Radio:the right radio for Aquila Trento fans is Radio Dolomiti

πŸ“·Β Photo Credit: aquilabasket.it

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