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What’s going on in FIBA Europe Cup

Just some notes about FIBA Europe Cup, waiting for the 16 games of Gameday 2.

Group A: Antwerp Giants (Belgium) leads the group, next match is in France against Le Portel.

Group B: Benfica (Portugal) is the team to follow. The game with Bakken Bears (Denmark) is the big match of FIBA Eurocup Gameday2.

Group C: Kataja Basket (Finland) lead the group, but will be they able to defeat Porto (Portugal) this week? I am not so sure.

Group D: Keravnos (Cyprus) is the king, BC Balkan (Bulgaria) is the danger.

Group E: Cluj Napoca (Romania) looks for a wonderful future, but an away win at Dynamo Tblisi (Georgia) home, is not so easy to get.

Group F: good news for the Israeli basketball lovers: Bnei Herlziya leads the group. Next match is at home against Tsmoki Minks (Belarus).

Group G: Demir Insaat (Turkey) fans dream a wonderful future in Turkey, meanwhile the shine in Europe. Next enemy: Mons Hinault (Belgium).

Group H: Szolnoki Olaj had a good start, but will they defeat Falco Vulcano (Hungary)? On wednesday we will have the answer.

You can watch every FIBA Europe Cup game live in streaming on Youtube.




The Italian Odds

We are just 90 minutes to Pistoia – Orlandina Basket the opening game of another wonderful italian sunday. With the help of Let’s check the odds for the upcoming Serie A games.

Sun, 22 October
🏀 Serie A round 4

12:00 Pistoia – Avellino
18:15 Milano – Brindisi
20:45 Virtus Bologna – Sassari

Mon, 23 October
🏀 Serie A round 4
20:45  Brescia – Varese

ℹ️ Milano (Italy)
17 Oct 2017 – 18 Feb 2018: “Toulouse Lautrec – The fleeding world” at 
Palazzo Reale Milano

Pistoia, Italy
🏀 Pistoia 1.66 – Avellino 2.20
It’s too late for posting any serious betting tip. I line Pistoia (2-1), but I just want to underline that Avellino (2-1) is one of the favorite teams for the title.

Milano, Italy
🏀 Milano 1.11 – Brindisi 6.43
What should we say about Milano (3-0). Italian newspapers and italian websites eveyday write Olimpia Milano is a strong team, but they don’t explain wht the Red Shoes always lose in EuroLeague. Anyway, Brindisi (0-3) is not an EuroLeague team.

Bologna, Italy
🏀 Virtus Bologna 1.44 – Sassari 2.78
This season Virtus Bologna (2-1) play at Paladozza in the city center, while in the past season the Black V played at Unipol Arena in Casalecchio di Reno. Sassari (2-1) and their supporters will have time to visit to town, perhaps.

Brescia, Italy
🏀 Brescia 1.44 – Varese 2.76
Another Lombardy dery is here. Brescia (3-0) looks for a win in order to stay with Reyer Venezia at the top of the Serie A standings. Varese (1-2) is involved in the relegation battle, anyway it would be a mistake to underrate Varese. Be careful.

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Bundesliga: Wurzburg should beat Braunschweig

Some interesting basketball games are scheduled today – Saturday 21 October – in Europe. The game of the day is at the Wolksvagenhalle of Braunschweig, where Bundesliga top team Wurzburg want to get another win.

Sat, 21 October
🏀 Serie A round 4
20:45  Reyer Venezia – Cremona
🏀 Bundesliga round 6
18:00  Braunschweig – Wurzburg
20:30 Ludwigsburg – Bamberg

Braunschweig (1-4)  hosts the Bundesliga leaders s.Oliver Wurzburg (5-0), a team no one could imagine to see at the top of the German standings after 5 rounds. Dirk Bauermann has good players, some of them could became European basketball stars. Wurzburg top players are Robin Benzing and Kresimir Loncar, we are confident these two boys are a danger for Braunschweig.

Money line: Braunschweig @ 3.49 / Wurzburg @ 1.29
Handicap: Braunschweig (+7.5) @ 1.90 / Wurzburg (-7.5) @ 1,90

Betting Tip: Wurzburg @ 1.29 stake 4/10

germany-flagOCTOBER BETS
won/loss 1-3
staked: 10.00
return: 5.55
balance: -4.45
roi: -44.50%

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How Real Madrid destroyed CSKA Moscow and other stories

The wonderful Court Side Newspaper help us to understand what happened in the Thursday EuroLeague games. The most important result came from Madrid where Real defated CSKA 82-69.

By the way, Olimpia Milano lost again. Last week the Red Shoes lost in Moscow by CSKA, this week they have been defeated in Milan by Fenerbahce. Not a good start for coach Pianigiani and his boys.

Also Court Side Newspaper is interested in Wurzburg 5-0 start

The excellent Court Side Newspaper published an article about the wonderful 5-0 start of Wurzburg in Bundesliga.

Last weekend Wurzburg got an easy win with Walter Tiger (84-69), but next Saturday the Bundesliga top team face a strong team: Braunschweig. You can watch this match live in streaming with It would be interesting to have some betting tips before Saturday afternoon. Any tips?