The weekend between Christmas and the New Year’s Eve is the weekend of the Serie A Beko round 14. A crucial round in the rush for the Coppa Italia Final Eight. Here you find the scheduled games. My betting tips will arrive later.

Saturday, December 26

Vanoli Cremona (9-4) vs Armani Milano (9-4)

Sunday, December 27

Dinamo Sassari (8-5) vs Pistoia (9-4)
Reggio Emilia (9-4) vs Varese (5-8)
Cantù (5-8) vs Consultinvest Pesaro (5-8)
Capo d’Orlando (4-9) vs Avellino (5-8)
Caserta 85-8) vs Brindisi (7-6)
Manital Torino (3-10) vs Bologna (5-8)

Monday, December 28

Reyer Venezia (7-6) vs Trento (9-4)

Life is so uncertain, wait for my tips before placing your bets.