Saturday night Vanoli Cremona – Armani Milano is the opening game for Serie A Beko Round 14. It’s not a game to look at for our bets, the interesting duels will arrive on Sunday!


Vanoli Cremona (9-4) vs Armani Milano (9-4):ย both teams already secured their ticket for the Final Eight of Coppa Italia. You know I don’t like Milano, anyway, this is not the right match to place a bet. We will place a lot of bets against Milano in the year 2016, but not tonight. Avoid.


Dinamo Sassari (8-5) vs Pistoia (9-4):ย both already qualified for the Final Eight of Coppa Italia. Sassari has a good 5-2 home record, while Pistoia shows a not so good 3-3 away record. Sassari is my pick: Sassari @ 1.33 stake 2/10.
Reggio Emilia (9-4) vs Varese (5-8): Reggio is the most interesting Italian team this season. I am confident they can fight for the Italian title and for the Eurocup, too. No problems for home team against Varese. This is my bet of the week: Reggio Emilia @ 1.10 stake 5/10.

Cantรน (5-8) vs Consultinvest Pesaro (5-8): I don’t understand what’s going on in Cantรน in these weeks. Avoid.

Capo dโ€™Orlando (4-9) vs Avellino (5-8): this is a key duel for the relegation battle. I think, at the end of the season, Avellino will be safe, but I am not sure if the white and green can avoid a defeat in Sicily on Sunday. Avoid.

Caserta (5-8) vs Brindisi (7-6): this season I don’t like Caserta at all. Anyway, I don’t place any bet here. Avoid.

Manital Torino (3-10) vs Bologna (5-8): bookmakers see Torino as favourite here. I prefer Bologna. My bet: Bologna (+4.5) @ 1.90 stake 2/10.


Reyer Veneziaย (7-6) vs Trentoย (9-4): the Italian Monday Night sees my beloved Reyer Venezia challenging the strong Aquila Trento. God save the Reyer! Meanwhile, I save my money and avoid to place a bet on this match. You should do the same.

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