Sunday 17 Mar 2019
Torino – Virtus Bologna
AX Milano – Reyer Venezia
Varese – Cremona
VL Pesaro – Cantù
Trento – Trieste
Pistoia – Sassari
Avellino – Reggio Emilia
Brescia – Brindisi

Torino is out of order as the club has big financial problems. Italian newspapers everyday write that the club is set to be sold to a rich industrial group. Bullshit.

Virtus Bologna jas a new coach, Aleksandar Djordevic.

Milano won in Reggio Emilia last Monday, playing with a lot of reserves. The club is focusing on EuroLeague more that LBA Serie A.

Reyer Venezia is out of Champions League, despite a great win against Nizhny on Tuesday.

Varese want a playoff spot. They will get it, you can be sure.

Cremona play the best basketball in Italy. No doubts

VL Pesaro is suffering bad form and the supporters try to help the team. Tonight – friday 15 march – there is a dinner with players and fans togheter.

Cantù is a question point itself. I don’t understand how they can go play such a good basketball despite all the problems they had this season.

Trento have Craft as their top player. Aaron Craft is the king in Trento.

A great team in Italy? Alma Trieste. They are set to get a playoff spot.

Pistoia need a win to leave the bottom of the LBA Serie A standing. The key player is Patrick Auda.

With the new coach Gianmarco Pozzecco, Sassari has a bad 0-2 record in LBA Serie A. Good luck.

Avellino player Filloy is questionable. He is a key player.

Reggio Emilia is out of order. Every week they change a player or a coach, or someone else. They have many problems, but they have few solutions.

Brescia strongly want a playoff spot, but their standings position is not as great as their dreams.

Brindisi play a superb basketball, but I think this team is short. Bench players don’t give enough.Bets week by week

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Header Photo Credits @ LBA Serie A